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Life After Divorce: The Journey of a Single Christian Mother

Living on the Promises

20 November
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I am a single mother of two. This LJ is created in order to write about my journey as I go through a divorce and what comes next.

I gave my life to the Lord in May of 2009. My husband at the time had just confessed to an affair that I was afraid to admit that I knew about. He also claimed to have been born again also. Six months later he decides that this was not a life that he wanted to be committed to and left me.

I still hold fast to the promises that the Lord has given me. I have seen His hand in my life ever since that day in May when I gave everything to Him. This journal is so I can reach out to and be reached by others who are born-again Christians in the same situation as me.

Always remember that the Lord is by your side and he will remove your enemies as though they never exsisted. Read Isaiah chapter 41.